Chris Johnston


Mr Christopher Johnston (M.Sc. B.Sc.) is Project Leader with responsibility for AFBI’s Agri-Environmental Technologies unit which carries out R&D & demonstration of production of bioenergy, the associated recycling of wastes to biomass crops, biomass processing and combustion systems and the resulting emissions and environmental protection. He has over 12 years’ experience in the sector in both a private SME and a public sector capacity.

The bulk of his past and current workload is research and the development of proof of concept biofiltration solutions demonstrating the use of SRC willow plantations for the management of waste waters and effluents from varied sources (sewage, municipal waste water, farmyard, food processing, leachates, diffuse agricultural pollution) in which he has been successful in drawing down funding (in excess of €1.5m) over the last few years from a variety of sources including EU, Innovate UK, Research Council, local Departmental.