Christine Boyle MBE


With a background spanning almost 20 years in the commercial roofing industry, Senergy are a Belfast based enterprise that design and   manufacture SMART Solar Thermal Panels. Combining her roofing expertise with that of global leading engineers, Christine Boyle Senergy CEO has developed the Senergy solar thermal panels. Unlike current solar thermal panels that are made from glass, copper and aluminium, Senergy panels are manufactured using advanced nanocomposite plastics reducing the manufacturing and installation costs by 50%

The panels integrate easily with the construction architecture and are embedded with low cost sensor and information technologies that easily integrate with the digital architecture of buildings. The IOT/ IQT platform means the energy supply is more efficient and the building owner has greater control.

Senergy is currently building a real-world demonstrator and securing potential partners and customers in the UK, Europe, the USA and Africa, as these regions roll out legislation that all new buildings must install solar on their roof.